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Original 1920's Hair Pomade - Oil Based Heavy Hold Medium Shine - 4 oz. Tin LIMITED EDITION

$14.88 $17.99

We have a special LIMITED EDITION hair pomade available as long as supplies last!

This is a heavy hold, medium shine version of our Original 1920's oil based pomade. Same great scent, but in a heavy hold version. This is great for those who want more control and "stick" when styling. Great for Pomps, Spikes, comb overs, side parts, slick backs, etc... Also great for those with curly hair who want to comb it our straight and slick. This is an oil based pomade but it has a heavy bees wax base that gives the product great all day hold. 

Directions: Rub a finger-sized scoop vigorously between your palms to soften - the more friction the better, as this stuff is stiff. Apply to the roots of the hair and style. 

Ingredients: Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Lanolin, Microwax, Scent.

Great for Greasers or any Gentleman looking for a more refined classic look and hair style.

*PLEASE NOTE - This is a handmade product so the color can vary slightly at times in the tin from shades of yellow to white. This is normal and does not effect the performance the product.

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