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1920's Oil Based Pomade and Real Horn Folding Comb Set

$22.99 $29.76

This is a great savings opportunity and a perfect way to try some of our top selling products. In this set you'll receive (1) 4 oz. tin of our Lucky Franc's 1920's oil based pomade - Medium Hold Medium Shine. This is the product that we started with and it's still a top selling customer favorite. You'll also receive (1) of our handmade real horn folding pocket combs. These combs are the perfect size to carry with you on the go to ensure you never have a hair out of place. Measures about 7.75" when open and 4.25" when folded. 100% handmade so each comb is unique and may have slight variations; this adds to the handmade character of the product. Mainly black in color with possible hints of deep reach brown tones. 

This is a great gift set for any man. Perfect for the holidays or any gift occasion and a great way to save versus buying these two items separately. 

The Pomade is handmade in small batches in the US. 

Comb is 100% handmade by our manufacturing partner in India and packaged in the US.